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My name is Eduard de Ru, A country songwriter from the Netherlands. Since I was a child I loved country music.

Artists like Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Don Williams were my favorites in my younger days.
As I grew older I started to listen with other ears to this kind of music.
I started to understand what they were singing and what it was all about. That time I heard George Jones for the first time in my life. He's been a great inspiration to me! A few years later I found an old guitar on the streets, it was out of tune. However I managed to play a few notes.
At the same time I was trying to sing a few words along with it. I was about 14 years old those days. It didn't take long after that before I had a real guitar and before I wrote my first song.

My life turned before I had the chance to do something with this talent. But right now I have the time again to put some new energy in it! Ever since I started songwriting I had a special feeling for life, things I've been through are mostly my first inspirations. The song: "Lose a Friend told me everything about what it means to have one and how it hurts to lose one! Lose a friend has a lot in comment with the song: when silence hits the walls. Not only the story in lose a friend will tell you what can happen when one falls in love with his best friend, but the song When silence hits the walls is like the second version of the story. it tells the story about what one is afraid of in lose a friend.

My songs are based on my life experience what I've been through and how my emotions are involved with it. my interaction with emotions helped me write the best songs. sometimes it's hard to deal with emotions, when I put them into a song it makes it easier to deal with in some cases.

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